Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Research, research, and did I mention, research

I needed to add more base to BBH. After scrutinizing each research book at B&N, I found Patriots. I love this book. This book not only tells of the events that occurred but also goes into so much of the behind the scenes action. It gives details as to why things occurred, the thoughts of everyone while it happened, and what would happen if it had not occurred. I became so incensed with the things I read. I hope to pass this passion on to the reader of BBH. And fwiw may I just add, Sam Adams is my hero--and not because of the beer. I truly believe if it had not been for him constantly sticking people's noses back into the British actions toward the Colonies, we would never have become a country.

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Jen said...

But the beer is a good thing, too. (g)