Friday, February 2, 2007

One step closer.

I have been asked to submit a full! Woohoo!! The request came in response to a regular mail query. I'll admit it. When I saw the envelope in the mailbox, I had attitude. For some reason, I associate regular mail with rejections. This could be based on my experience. Anyway, I ripped it open, expecting the usual reply. This time, there was a hand written note at the top of the page. Again, attitude. I've had a few hand written 'not for us' scribbles at the top of rejections. Halfway through the first sentence, I stopped and reread the note. This isn't reading as I expected. This is rather nice. My mind has become so accustomed to mail rejections, it refused to accept a positive note. I glanced down at the letter and noticed this is quite a bit longer than the usual rejection. Let's start again. I can't be reading this correctly. She wants to read more--she wants a full.

I spied my laptop, neatly packed up. It would take forever to get an Internet connection. I had to tell someone. Never has my laptop booted up so quickly, especially with me chanting, "come on, come on." Jen was online and if anyone can relate to what I was feeling, it was her. Having just gone through the same thing a week prior, her emotions were still fresh. She was so patient with my jabbering and slow typing. Thank you, Jen for being there.

So, I am in the process of one last polish for any stray threads that need to be snipped. Gotta be picture perfect. I'm certain at some point, I will look back at this time and think I was such a goof, but for right now, yeah, I'm a goof but at present, there's no other way to be.

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