Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Still Alive!

In October, I was asked to send a partial to an agent. I haven't heard anything from them since placing my manila wrapped hopes in the mailbox. With white knuckles, I waited twelve weeks for a response. At that point, I took a deep breath, mentally accepted what others were trying hard to not say, and typed off an email. Hey, maybe she never received it, it's possible. Always grasping for that last straw. Today, while browsing around, my inbox beeped. I blinked several times at the return address. It was my agent from October. My eyes flicked to my buddy list. Yes! Someone was there. Her shocked voice came through my voiceless machine loud and clear. OPEN IT! All those months I had wondered how I would feel when faced with that particular email. Now I know. Numb. I clicked the button and tried to tune out my friend who was trying to come through the wires after me. "Yes, we have received your submission. It will be a few more weeks before we can get to it." Ugh, my heart. My heart. Okay. It could have been worse. It wasn't a no and that's still promising. So, at least I know I'm still in the running. I'm going to need nitroglycerin by the time this is over.


Jen said...


LOL -- hang in there. (g) This is GOOD news, albeit SLOW news. She's going to kick herself when she realizes how much time she wasted before getting to your MS. Watch.


Carol said...

I hope so. :) I'm glad you were nearby.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Carol, stay positive, keep believing--it WILL happen! :)

Jane x

Carol said...

Hi Jane,

I hope so. Sometimes I think I'm silly to hope. But at least I'll know I tried. I'll follow this through and see what happens. If it does occur, no one will be more surprised than me. Well, maybe I can think of a few people who will be more surprised, but let's not go there. :)

I'm so glad you posted. It's good to see you here.

Everyone, this is Jane. A really great lady and a fabulous writer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carol, YAY!! That's good news, it's so hard to be patient. I'm rooting ya!


Carol said...

Hi Mandy,
Thanks. I've reached the point where if either one of these agents ask for a full, I wonder if I'm ready. I thought I was when I began querying but each time I go back to it, I change things. I keep telling myself it's no big deal, just do your best. That philosophy isn't winning the fight.

Susan Adrian said...


Don't worry--I do the same thing regarding second-guessing every time I send it out, and feeling like I'm not ready even though I thought I was. I just got a request for a partial today from an agent who'd already sent me a form rejection. (!) I wasn't going to send any new queries until I tweaked yet again, but she asked, so I sent it the way it is now. {shrug} You never know. And this one, since I'd already written it off, is a freebie.

Carol said...

That's great news. I hope they will ask for a full. What a surprise. Just goes to show, you never know.

Anonymous said...

It's in great shape, the more I read the more amazed I am at the researcha nd time you have put into it. Mandy

Carol said...

Hi Mandy,
I'm so glad you're enjoying the story. I look forward to your thoughts when you finish.